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Metropolis Management Group is a hands-on, full-service property management company, specializing in the management of residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the Greater Toronto Area.



We make owning your property simple and hassle-free. Our tailor-made, comprehensive management packages ensure that we deliver outstanding service for all kinds of property types, from single to multi-family dwellings, industrial to office and retail.



Metropolis Management Group Inc. charges a very competitive, all-inclusive management fee for the most comprehensive management package on the market. Give us a call to find out how affordable we are.



 We offer full-service management of your property, starting from the screening of tenants, to budgets and statements, enforcement of rules, inspections, eviction and collection, legal proceedings and bill paying.

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Why You Should Choose Us

We bring the professionalism and resources of a large management firm to our clients, while offering hands-on attention, customary of the small neighborhood company.


We have been in the property management  business for over 25 years and our extensive experience to manage and maintain properties by providing comprehensive and expert financial reporting, asset management, maintenance and construction services, allows us to take any under-performing property and turn it into a financially viable asset with a much higher return on investment.


With over 800 units successfully managed in the GTA by our fully licensed and experienced managers, we know how to maximize the profitability of your property and at the same time to provide your tenants with professional, reliable and courteous services. Our attentive and reliable staff handles all office operations in a conscientious and timely fashion, making the ownership of your property stress-free.


Our established reputation is built on the foundation of complete transparency to the Board and/or Owners. Full financial reports, prepared monthly, provide a clear picture of all payments, receivables, arrears and payables due, and together with all invoices, work orders, budget comparisons and other building documents they are available for any review, any time.

Our Services

Metropolis Management Group offers the following services for Landlords and Condominium Corporations:

Acquiring Tenants

  • To attract tenants by advertising vacancies
  • To screen and select new tenants by performing a background check
  • To contract with tenants by negotiating leases; collecting security deposit

Collection of Condo Fees or Rents

  • To collect monthly fees
  • To deposit into bank account(s) specified by the Board or Owner
  • Issuing legal notices re: rent or common elements fees arrears


  • To prepare and deliver all documentation needed for the accountant to complete financial statements
  • To keep income and expense records
  • To pay bills on behalf of the Owner or Board


  • To carry out regular inspections of the property
  • To respond to complains by residents and take action
  • To report to the Board/Owner & complete repairs
  • To obtain quotes & follow up with repair work by contractors

Implementation of New Condominium Act

  • To advise Owners and Directors about the latest changes to the Condo Act
  • To implement regular mandatory updates, forms.
  • To educate Owners about new rules re. quorum, voting, accessing records
  • To notify the Board of Directors about mandatory training
  • To understand and abide by the amended Condominium Act Code of Ethics.


  • To prepare annual budget. The Board to provide past records for reference in preparing the first Budget.


  • To prepare for and call the Board meeting(s) as required by Condominium Act
  • To prepare necessary documents for the Annual Meeting
  • To prepare and distribute Minutes of Meeting and other documents as required by new Condo Act
  • To communicate with the Corporation’s lawyer(s), trustee(s) as needed


  • To refer owner to a qualified lawyer, if necessary
  • To understand and abide by the latest municipal, provincial and federal legislation that apply to renting and maintaining properties.
  • To coordinate with law enforcement to remove tenant from unit

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Our Portfolio

Metropolis Management Group Inc. was founded in 1997 by Barbara Polis (Principal) with only one client and a small group of apartment buildings. Since then, the firm has grown to be one of the top management companies in Ontario with meticulously designed organizational structures and practices geared toward optimizing your property’s performance.

Currently Metropolis Management Group manages 750 residential condominium units, 128 co-operative ownership residential units and 8 commercial/industrial condominium units.

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